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501(c)(3) Nonprofit

Improving Life Through Movement

Big Sky Autism Project's mission is to provide accessibility to adaptive exercise for individuals with ASD and their families, through specialized fitness programing and workshops. BSAP's core fundamentals are rooted in Autism Fitness, a revolutionary fitness program developed by Eric Chessen of New York.

The Coach and Founder of BSAP, Monique Prevel, is the first Certified Autism Fitness Pro in Montana. Monique decided to start BSAP when her own son was diagnosed with nonverbal autism. After being immersed in the world of autism, Monique noticed not one ASD specific service in Montana was movement based. No services offered an exercise program specifically developed for the ASD population to address underlying core issues such as stability, range of motion, gross motor skills, coordination, strength, and excessive energy.

Through the PAC profile created by Autism Fitness founder Eric Chessen, we address and challenge the Physical, Adaptive, and Cognitive abilities of our athletes through a series of seemingly simple exercises, continuously progressing each exercise once the athlete has mastered each level.

Our program is about movement, the mechanics of the human body, rather than sports based as seen in most adaptive physical education courses. 

We address the core issues so that it is less likely for movements to be hindered as our athletes age, as well as helping them develop healthy habits and a better quality of living.

BSAP goes one step further by offering personal training services and Bring It Home workshops for parents and caregivers. We also raise awareness and promote acceptance and inclusion of all ASD individuals in the community.

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