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Board Member & Advocate


 My name is Kristy Hagen and so glad to meet you.

Born and raised in Montana, I appreciate the outdoors and what the Montana environment and people bring to life in the Treasure State. When spring hits, my love of camping, floating the rivers, and hanging at the lake is the draw that speaks to my soul and heart.

My mission in life is simple, to be of service.  I did leave the state to grow that aspect of myself and what that meant to me in my career and life experiences. When life in the big city got too much for me, I moved back to the state that has always held my heart. I moved to Townsend 4 years ago.  I found the perfect house for me in Townsend.  Being closer to retirement side of my work life, I think Townsend is a splendid place and I feel grateful that it is perfect for when I do retire.

Currently I am still in the beauty industry working for Ulta as the Clinique expert. My time in the field gives a lot of knowledge that has proven beneficial for the needs of our guests. I have experience of working with various forms of special needs including wheelchairs, injuries that have greatly reduce functions, illness that were incapacitating, and simply those that just are not able to do the things that they want.

Working in the beauty industry for over 40 years, I have a lot of knowledge and skills that I feel will be valuable working with BSAP. I built a life in the beauty Industry as a service provider and educator for hair, skin and later as territory development manager for a few well-known brands and companies.

My time as a stylist and skin therapist, I have learned how to connect with people one-on-one. My time as a national educator taught me how to work with people and work at building their skill levels and business management.

My goal working through BSAP is to use the knowledge I have learned and continue to fulfill my desire to be of service; to support my community, stretch myself as a human and exercise my belief that it does take a community to raise a child and support those with special needs.

In all my years of experience working with guests in many different ways, no matter who they are or what the circumstance,  everyone has the right and need to feel beautiful inside and out.


Stop and say HI at our events, I like it when people say HI.

I look forward to meeting you!

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