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Grants Officer

2020 - 2021

Hi, my name is Chelsea Bellon.

I am a mother to daughters. My husband and I are expecting our third daughter in July 2020 and our two eldest are 5 and almost 2. I’ve called Missoula my home for a decade and love raising a family in such a beautiful city. I have worked for the University of Montana for almost 9 years and consider myself a very active member among the University network.

Currently, I work as a Grant Program Coordinator/Manager. The grants I typically focus on relate to the NIH (National Institute of Health) and Clinical & Translational Research within American Indian populations. Additionally, I have a background in local, community-focused fundraising.

As a mother, I want to show my daughters by example that society should fight and advocate for those with special needs.

During my early college years, I tutored and babysat for a young boy who struggled in school, clubs, etc. I spent months researching and learning how to communicate with him and connect in different ways regarding school work. He later was diagnosed with ASD and he and his parents were able to find the support network to help with school and social interactions. Having had very little exposure to ASD, I learned a lot during my time working with this family and a special recognition formed for him and other kids who experience all that comes with ASD.  I have several friends who are parents to kids with ASD and I find they are the most inspiring families. 

Joining BSAP, my goal is to encourage families to support one another while embracing their individual potential. I’m excited to see families connect with one another while improving their physical fitness and exploring their individual strengths.

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